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Aspen Forum Registration Discount Extended through July 4th Weekend

June 30, 2015 - Discounted registration for the Technology Policy Institute Aspen Forum has been extended through Tuesday, July 7th to accommodate the upcoming holiday weekend. The discount of $500 off the regular registration fee is available for industry and trade association attendees.

TPI Aspen Forum Panel: Whose Rules? Internet Regulations in a Global Economy

June 25, 2015 - With virtually every country, regional group, and intergovernmental organization focusing on promoting and regulating aspects of the Internet, the tech industry is often faced with differing rules and attitudes towards privacy, antitrust, net neutrality and other regulatory issues affecting internet platforms. Will the results be the death of the internet economy by a thousand, well-intentioned governmental acts, or a safer, more globally accepted internet world? The discussion panel "Whose Rules? Internet Regulations in a Global Economy" at the 2015 TPI Aspen Forum, will focus on the practical issues facing companies, governments, and others trying to work in or regulate an environment with constantly changing technologies and services, as well as increasingly complex and often conflicting rules and policies.

TPI Aspen Forum: Updated Agenda Now Available

June 24, 2015 - An updated agenda is available for the Technology Policy Institute's 2015 Aspen Forum, scheduled for August 16 - 18. Registration for the signature event can be performed on the TPI website and reduced fees are offered until July 1.

TPI Aspen Forum Opening Panel: Fall and Rise of the Regulatory State

June 17, 2015 - Today's policymakers, particularly in the technology space, seem to favor preemptive interventions consistent with the "precautionary principle" of regulation. This holds that it is better to prevent problems before they happen but eschews cost-benefit analysis when creating rules. In contrast, previous academic research documenting regulatory costs led to a loosening of regulatory regimes. What accounts for the newfound infatuation with the regulatory state? An all-star panel of academics will discuss this shift in attitudes towards the regulatory state and its possible consequences during the opening session: "Fall and Rise of the Regulatory State" at this year's TPI Aspen Forum.

Event Video Now Available: Innovation, Regulation, and the EU's Digital Single Market Strategy

June 12, 2015 - Video of the June 11th event, "Innovation, Regulation, and the EU's Digital Single Market Strategy" is now available on the TPI website.

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